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Benjamin SomersJanuary 14, 1998
PhD student
ben@federez.net / bensmrs@resel.fr
Brest, France

A few words before the boring stuff

I was born in 1998 in Arles, Southern France, and have been constantly moving away from the warmth of its summers ever since, studying in Lyon, Brest and even Oslo. I started computing in primary school with a Windows 95 computer and a programmable Casio calculator. I got to where I am today through taking apart hundreds of electronic devices (and counting!) and unconventionally tinkering with stuff. Random choices led me to choose between a career as an entomologist (inspired in my childhood by Bernard Werber’s books), a computer scientist (inspired by my mother’s geek spirit and the wonderful technological developments that went on when I was a kid), or a marimbist/vibraphonist (inspired by my percussions teacher’s passion).

Over the years, I’ve developed a great passion for languages, whether “natural” or “for computers”, and how they influence the way we think (linguistic relativity, Sapir–Whorf hypothesis). On top of this came a keen interest in the design of intricate systems, with a great appreciation for the beauty of simple solutions to complex problems, and complex optimizations to answer seemingly simple problems. Don’t get me wrong, I also love unnecessarily complex solutions to ridiculously simple problems, and I relish the disabused look on my friends’ faces as they throw a shy, slightly anxious "But why?!" when I show them my latest horrors.

My ideal work day starts not too early in the morning with a bowl of tea, and includes a good hour of scientific and technical watch. I do plenty of OCaml and listen to music for at least 6 hours as the day passes. It continues well into the night with my friends, is cut short by a critical IT incident in one of my associations, which we resolve in a bar at 2am amidst inebriated flashes of lucidity, and ends at around 3:30am. Fortunately for my sleep, this ideal day doesn’t happen that often! I’m easy going once you get past the typical obstacles of dealing with a French person. I’m extremely loyal to the people around me, and I believe that my atypical life experiences give a fresh perspective to things; humble, without however bowing down to the statu quo.


Crédit Mutuel Arkéa – IMT AtlantiquePhD student
Brest (FR)
Jan. 2021 – Dec. 2023

“IT infrastructure modeling for risk identification and prevention”

  • Development of an infrastructure description language
  • Study of safety and security properties of heterogeneous models
  • Facilitate automatic infrastructure certification
IMT AtlantiqueMEng student
Brest (FR)
Sep. 2016 – June 2020
  • Studies in computer science, economics and signal processing
  • Development of a conditional branch obfuscator in LLVM
  • Creation of a mini-compiler for a stack language in OCaml
  • Development of a connected home thermostat based on an ontology
  • Final year of studies specializing in software development and IT metrology (sandwich year)
Universitetet i OsloExchange student
Oslo (NO)
Jan. – June 2018
  • Studies in cybersecurity and operating systems
  • Analysis of ISO 27000 standards and Intel x86 manuals
  • Development of an operating system with a round-robin scheduler, memory manager and file system

Professional experience

Crédit Mutuel ArkéaConsultant
Le Relecq (FR)
Sep. – Dec. 2020
  • Development and documentation of QoS tools
  • Creation of a scientific experimental framework for my PhD
Crédit Mutuel ArkéaWork-study
Le Relecq (FR)
Oct. 2019 – Aug. 2020
  • Creation and deployment of QoS metrics for banking activities
  • Detection and analysis of incidents on payment services
  • Development of tools to improve the reliability of the company’s electronic payment systems
Crédit Mutuel ArkéaIntern
Le Relecq (FR)
Apr. – Sep. 2019
  • Functional supervision of credit card transaction flows
  • Production of Grafana dashboards to visualize QoS metrics
  • Development of a Warp 10 metrics analysis framework
IMT AtlantiqueIntern
Brest (FR)
Sep. 2018 – Feb. 2019
  • Development of an alternative optimization/obfuscation pass manager for LLVM
  • Design of a semantic classifier for ROP gadgets
Brest (FR)
July – Aug. 2017
  • Study of software vulnerabilities according to compilation parameters
  • Automation of a ROP vulnerability analyzer


Paris (FR)
Dec. 2021 –
  • Federation of the activities of 15 student ISPs and computing associations
  • Organization of national events
  • Defense of the rights of associations and dialogue with legislators
  • Presidency of the 2022 term, vice-presidency of the 2023 term
ResElSystem administrator
Brest, Nantes, Rennes (FR)
Nov. 2016 –
  • Management of the Internet access and various services for IMT Atlantique students in Brest (600 students) and Rennes (100 students)
  • Development of a streaming infrastructure to broadcast digital TV and watch it from a web browser
  • Presidency of the 2020 term
Foyer des élèvesIMT Atl.Bartender
Brest (FR)
Dec. 2016 – Dec. 2018
EscapeCybernetisk SelskabBartender
Oslo (NO)
Jan. – June 2018


Brest (FR)
Sep. 2021 –
  • System and network administration training
IMT AtlantiqueTeaching assistant
Brest (FR)
Sep. 2021 – Sep. 2023
  • Object-oriented modeling (Bachelor, 53h)
  • Linux and C language (Bachelor, 10h)
  • Git (Master, 3h)
  • Concurrent systems modeling (Master, 21h)
  • Languages and lambda calculus (Master, 16h)
  • Student project mentoring (Bachelor, 14h)
  • Codecamp tutoring (Master, 26h)

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I also have a pretty nice ranking on RegEx Crossword (player #41003)